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April 10, 2012


Justine B

Pool time!

Shelly Harwood

That it's almost SUMMER!!!! Yay!

Alexis Mettler

Getting to show off a pedicure

Jenny Stocker

Spring, when all the Cubs "fans" start partying in front of my house..conveniently located 2 blocks from Wrigley Field..

Karen Wildberger



FLIP FLOPS!!!!! Also, the longer days are fantastic!


Spring means only a few more weeks until outdoor festivals in Chicago :)

Julie W

I love the warmth!

Carole K

Redbud trees.

Audra Blair

Blossoming crab apple trees. Sort of like the cherry blossoms, but local. Thank you for the chance to win this spectacular collection of books!


being able to leave the house without a jacket!


Everything. Just everything.

Kirsten OQuinn

It's baseball season!!!!!!

Kacey Lauer

My favorite part of spring is watching my dog (a 90lb, lick you to death Rottweiler) "sun herself" on my back deck! Also, I love to watch her and my daughter chase bubbles in the yard! (The dog gets most of them!)

Stephanie Stalnaker

Baby Chicks at the feed store!

April W

The smell of flowers blooming and the ever present yellow pine pollen that is a true indicator of spring!


As long as there is no more snow, I'll deal with the stupid allergies!

Kristin Hinchman

My favorite part is listening to my 8 year old sniffle, cough, sneeze, and then clean up her bloody noses! Thanks!


No cold floors in the morning

Kat B.

Best part of spring is the end of the semester when all the college kids go home for the summer.

Michelle Hammond

Love my bleeding hearts blooming!

Amy Wickett

Tulips blooming!


I love that I can throw the dogs in the back yard and let them run around like mad men! & I don't feel guilty for leaving them out for more than ten minutes in the freezing cold temps.


Blooming trees and green grass!


It's not as hot as summer and winter is over:):):)

Theresa V.

We're that much closer to summer!

Abra Armstrong

Cadbury Creme Eggs. I only eat the original flavor and I only eat them in the Spring (Haven't you ever wondered how long the ones you see in gas stations in the middle of Winter have been sitting around? Or where they were hiding the rest of the year?) They are my traditional birthday breakfast and they embody nostalgia for me in a way that no other candy can.


Longer hours of daylight so I don't feel like a mole person after work!

Jen D.

My favorite part of spring are floaty summer dresses and open-toed sandals. :)


Spring = Tulips!!

Michele Goodpaster

I enjoy spring because the grass starts to grow. Which means I have to cut it. This, of course, requires me to wear a face mask ( the kind people in airports wear because they don't want to catch bird flu) since if I don't the following day I will sound like James Earl Jones with a head cold. My neighbors see the mowing freak show and are reminded why they nod hello and don't speak to me. I really appriciate that they do not speak to me. :)


Everything is new!

Amy H.

Fewer rain showers, seeing the sun again, flowers, longer days, and outside play time for my kids and my puppy!


I'm just glad I can turn off the heat and not pay the crazy electric bill for a while.

Celeste Marcks

Floating bar season! Cocktails on barges!

Melissa Bowen

Barbecues on the patio with friends and a bottle a wine.

Mag B

Not having to wear a coat!

Melissa G

I love the smell of the lilacs and other flowers blooming.....until I'm sneezing so violently that my neighbors think I'm having a seizure.


Snow goes away. Humans and pets outside.

Tristan Malone

We still get cool breezes( which makes it easier to forget that in the summer it'll be so hot even the crack of our bums will be sweating)


I love that spring means longer days and more time outside!


Spring is the start of flip flop season!

DeLynn Howard

Because it's not winter.... :)

Rachel Lovelace

easter candy on sale! ;)

Kelly Smith

The fact that in Upstate NY we had virtually no winter. Yay!

Cristine Christoff

Love that everything is starting to bloom and its one step closer to SUMMER!!!


Bluebells in the woods back home and daffodils. :-)


Pink dogwoods blooming.


All that lovely flourescent green pollen we get in Georgia, OD'ing on antihistamines, & the saucer magnolia trees blooming!


Daffodils & Grape Hyacinths blooming in tandem

Mary A.

Blooming dogwood trees and tulips! :)


Sunlight and flowers!

Jen Klappenbach

How alive and awake the world seems to be from its winter slumber.

Kristine Short

being able to plant a garden and be outside!


Though I deplore losing an hour of sleep, seeing sunlight after work and ensuring another season of me not getting rickets is worth it.

Sara T

I can golf again! Yay!



Judy Attaway

Texas Hill Country. Nuff said.

kristine knowles


Julie Naughton

Purplish-blue hydrangeas...and outdoor cafes. Preferably with wine ;-)


Finally sunshine



Peggi Odle

Since I currently live in Alaska, it isn't the warmer temperatures (although above freezing does feel oddly warm), it's watching the snow melt and the landscape change from frozen sculptures to actual houses and buildings. I'm hoping since this is my first year here that I won't suffer any allergies, but I know I'm blowing smoke up you-know-where!

Sara Boore

Screaming frogs!


My favorite part of spring is the longer days. I get to spend more time outside with my toddler.

Julie Pisanello

The annual kickoff to the lawnmower races: watching and waiting for the first of my idiot neighbors to bust out his/her lawnmower for the first time so the rest can follow in frenzied suit in an attempt to keep up with the rest in the (ultra-anal) competition for pretty blades of grass.
And also, the return of soft-serve.


Spending time at/on the lake...

Leah Charlton

Trees and flowers blooming and baseball.


My feet can start seeing the light of day and finally breathe free again. Yay sandals!!!


Warm Georgia weather!

Jill Neal

2 words--NO COAT!

Holly Redfern

Planting flowers and sitting on my patio


The widows rolled down and the smell of fresh cut grass as I drive home.


Sunshine and sandals!

Stacy F

I love being able to see GREEN again!


Spring Cleaning- no really, it is!


Sunshine, finally.

Erin M

Smell of mowed grass (as long as I didn't have to do it) and seeing cherry tree blossoms.


I love that I only have 8 more weeks of school! Then it is sitting by the pool reading what I want to read!

jen as well

pedicures. and the excuse to have them regularly again.


I love Spring because how can someone possibly not like Spring????


I like wearing bright colors and retiring anything woolen.

Kara S

Flip Flops. Outside Dining. Warm Weather. Yay!

Lori Hawkins

Capri pants, sandals and roadsides paved with wildflowers.

Heylie Eigen

Puppies rolling in the green grass!


I love the way Spring smells!


Eating (and drinking!) Al Fresco! :)

Catherine H

I love spring because the weather gets warmer and we are one step closer to summer!!

A Facebook User

i like spring because i can open the doors and windows and turn off the a.c. and just love the spring air


Sleeping with the windows open!

Lindsay Gatling

Summer is just around the corner!!!


Drinking beer on a patio for happy hour!

Michelle Gorham

Thoughts of sun every day!


Leaves appearing on trees and fun new books coming out!

Chelle Thomas

The smell of fresh cut grass.


The best parts of spring are.....open toed shoes, warmer weather, and more sun!

Sarah Knight

Fresh tomatoes from my backyard garden!

Jules Fritz

Shedding those winter sweaters!


Playing ball with the dog in the courtyard

Heather Nestleroad

My favorite part of spring is lighter shoes, daisies, lilacs, and the start of my son's baseball season. Plus it's one step closer to reading by the pool.

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